Casa Blanca Self-Check-In info

Self-Check-In Info

Welcome to Villa Casa Blanca in sunny Cape Coral

Here is some self-check-in information for a happy stay at Villa Casa Blanca.

entrance code

Our house manager should have provided you with a door code.

1. press YALE
2. enter your CODE
3. press the CHECK MARK on the bottom righ


There are two back up keys in case the YALE front door lock does not work. Those keys will ONLY work on the cabana door, if you must use them. 

important information

The important information about this home can be found in the office on the guest welcome display.

Please if you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact us. 


window alarms

All windows are protected with a sound alarm.
We know this is annoying, however it is "code" and we have to have those boxes installed.

In order to open a window without triggering the alarm, please press the BYPASS button before opening the door.

Please! Should any of the alarms not be working inform us immediately so we can restore proper functioning.
Thank you for your cooperation.

lens, camera, photographer-826308.jpg

security cameras

The house is equipped with exterior security cameras. The security camera in the pool area can be shut off for your privacy. The switch is in the lanai bathroom (pool bathroom) behind the door. The switch is clearly marked “POOL CAMERA”.

Please, upon your departure switch the camera on again, we do monitor pool and lawn service with this camera when the home is not occupied. 

bread, oven, village bread-1812560.jpg


The microwave is also a convection oven.

It will turn your frozen croissants and dinner roles nice and crispy. Here is how it works:


– set temp to 350 Fahrenheit by turning the knob 

– push round knob 3x

– when temp reaches 350 Fahrenheit croissants/ dinner roles should be nice and crispy


check-in sheet

Please, fill out the check in sheet, located in the office on the credenza.
Please confirm that you found the house in clean and working order.
Please, also indicate the temperatures you wish the pool to be on. After receipt of this information we will set the temperature for the pool and jacuzzi for you.
The electricity meter is outside the house on the East side of the garage. Please take a photo of the meter as well as the the signed and filled out check in form and send it to my phone:
+1 954 557 1749
If you fail to send the information we will have to use the meter reading which was taken earlier in the day when we fixed the house for you.

Thank you for your cooperation.

owl, bird, raptor-1867063.jpg


One important thing to know about the Burrowing Owls of Coral Coral is that they and their borrows are protected by law. 

We do have an owl family in the back yard, so please read the owl information on how protect them – it’s the law!

You can bird-watch our bird family from the comfort of the screened back yard lanai.

Please read the information below to help not to disturb the animals.


pool hand held

The pool light, heat and jacuzzi air blower for bubbles can easily be turned on and off on the pool hand held device.

The temperature cannot be changed on the hand held. Please let us know your desired temperature for pool and spa and we will set it accordingly.

Turning the SPA button off will turn the heating of the spa off. Please know that pool and spa cannot be heated and circulated at the same time. Please do only heat the jacuzzi when you use it and let the pool circulate during the rest of the time. During the time when the jacuzzi is heating the rest of the pool water does not circulate.

The SPA by itself usually heats to 100 degree F within 0.5-2 hours time frame depending on water and outside temperature.