what we do

what do we do?

FLACASA HOMES offers modern & comfortable vacation homes on the East & West Coast of South Florida.

We rent our homes directly to our guest or through booking platforms such as through HomeAway/ VRBO and AirBNB.

Booking our homes directly is by far the most reasonable way of staying in a FLACASA HOME as we do not charge booking fees to our guests

please note:

for reservations through a booking agent

Please note, neither AirBNB nor HomeAway/ VRBO own our homes, they are merely a booking agent we use to get in contact with our guests and have payments arranged. 



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we offer vacation rentals - what does that mean?

Enjoy Some You-Time

We are happy to provide you with:

We are happy to provide you with a charming, fully furnished home including kitchen, washer/ dryer, linens, towels, pots & pans, dishes and silver ware.

We meet and great you at your check-in and explain the ins & outs of the home to you so you can comfortably operate your vacation home.

We do provide you with a starter kit of of toilet paper, soap in the bathroom, a small starter kit for the kitchen to get you settled easily.

We are happy to provide you with tips and tricks on how to go shopping, however we do not provide a shopping service nor do we provide any foods or condiments. 

Our house manager will be there for you for emergencies.

please note ...

we do not provide:

We are NOT a hotel and cannot and do not supply toiletries, food, drinks etc. during your stay. Personal items needed after the starter kit has been used up will have to be provided by the guests themselves. 

Please note: We do NOT offer any food or drinks of any kind for safety, licensing and insurance reasons.

We do not provide a daily maid service, however cleanings can be arranged at an additional charge. The pool is cleaned and serviced once a week. Additional pool cleanings are available upon request at additional cost. 

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tips & tricks for a happy stay

Please, if you find something not right, broken, not working or simply not to your liking  inform us immediately by texting the house manager and emailing the owner. We will respond during normal business hours, 24/7 for emergencies and if we can all the time to help you resolve the issue as soon as possible.

We like to keep our homes on a 5 star level and the only way we can do this is if we are aware of a problem should it occur so we can correct it right away.

Thank you for giving us the chance of working with you!

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Our homes are all on a modern NEST system. Our AC system will not cool below 72 or heat above 70 without prior agreement and permission of the host. AIR CONDITIONING: ALL DOORS AND WINDOWS MUST BE CLOSED WHEN THE AC IS IN USE.
Please understand, Florida is a tropical destination and temperatures may be extremely high throughout the year and that air-condition units are not made to cool the house down more than 15 degree Fahrenheit below the outside temperature

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smoking & animals

Sorry, smoking inside is strictly forbidden. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. If you must smoke, we do understand and we have nice seating areas outside for our smoking guests. We do not allow any kind of animals in the house. We are highly allergic to all kinds of animal dander, dust and saliva, live in our homes from time to time ourselves and are therefore not able to host animals, not even service animals. It is also forbidden to feed the wildlife (cats, raccoons etc. outside the house).

Thank you for understanding.

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travel insurance

HURRICANE/ FLOOD/ CDC POLICY/ ACT OF NATURE: If you are traveling between June and November, please note that this is hurricane season. The Licensor is not required to rebate the license fee in the event of a voluntary or mandatory evacuation. We regret that we cannot be liable for weather or other catastrophic/CDC memo do not constitute a reason for cancellation with refund. There is no refund in case of an abbreviated stay. Please, we recommend buying an adequate travel insurance covering these events.



Animals are not allowed on/in our properties, this includes pets, service animals and all other kind of animals. We live in our homes ourselves at times and deal with allergic issues towards animals and dust. Animal dander and dust is very difficult to be removed 100% once it is brought into a home. Thank you for understanding. 

Parties and gatherings are not allowed under any circumstances in/ on our property. All guests have to be registered guests. Disregarding of this rule will lead to an immediate cancellation of the contract.

All guests have to be at least 25 years old unless accompanied by their parents or by written exception of the land lord.

Smoking is not allowed in this home. If you must smoke we kindly ask you to smoke outside and dispose of the reminder of the smoking devices outside the house. Disregarding this rule will lead to forfeiture of the security deposit.

The pool is private and solely for the guests of Villa Casa Blanca.

The pool can be heated, it has a new strong heater. The weekly electricity allowance is 300 kwh, overusage is charged at $ 0.24 / kwh.